GSB Winter Show-015

23 October – 21 N0vember 2015

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GSB is very proud to present E.B.Itso´s second solo show at the Gallery, We Resist Therefore We Exist.

The Danish artist E.B. Itso recently graduated from Malmö Art Academy. He is active within a broad field spanning, amongst much else, photography, film, architectural intervention and installation. His point of departure is a sensitive registration of our surroundings. He is preoccupied with overlooked elements in and surrounding our cities, finding beauty in things undiscovered, concealed and forgotten. He started photographing at the age of 15-16. At the time, it was all about retaining something before it disappeared. Today, he sees his pictures as documentation of people and situations. He is drawn by simple and primitive places and environments. He moves in places that would seem strange, unfamiliar and untouched to most people.