Jonas Liveröd

Jonas Liveröds work is defined by a constant exploration of new mediums, materials and ideas. He lives and works in Ågårdskvarn, Sweden. During recent years he has had soloshows at The Museum of drawings, Ystad Museum of Art, Concordia in Holland, Hans & Fritz Contemporary in Barcelona and Örebro Konsthall. Beyond the limits of his artwork, he has in the past few years held workshops and lectures on myth construction, death culture and failure, curated themes in the borderlands of architecture, made a soundtrack for a book, written articles on Nazi vacation visions and victorian escapism as well as interviewed both forgers and collectors.
He is currently converting an 19th century mill into an artist residency and his own museum of the uncategorizable – The Liveröd Wunderkammer. The Wunderkammer is currently being shown in a pop-up version at Skövde Museum of Art.

Jonas Liveröd CV