By Danilo Stankovic & Nadine Byrne
October 22 – November 19,  2010

The Swedish Art Scene’s Most Exciting Newcomers at GSB!

GSB presents:
Date: October 22 –  November 19 2010


They are young, talented and have wide exposure both in Sweden and internationally.Both are currently completing their studies, but nonetheless, already in 2010, they have had exhibitions in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and the USA. With singular manners of expression and the capacity to spellbind the viewer, Nadine Byrne and Danilo Stankovic are here to stay.

There appear to be certain words that are frequently associated with these artists: ritual, religion and mysticism, with reference to Byrne; melancholy, folklore and nature regarding Stankovic. Relationships exist between these words which describe them whilst, at the same time, there is something that fuses together their artistic practices. This can be characterised as a longing to get away, together with a knowing sense that what we experience in our everyday lives is only the surface of something much larger. A sorrowful insight that everything is mortal, while also displaying a curiousness about what happens next.


Nadine Byrne (b. 1985)
Byrne is fascinated by how faith can be manifested through masks and costume and how ritual can transport people’s consciousness. Through the creation of rites and symbols, drawn from her own mythology, there exists her personal approach to exploring and dissecting her own past. Byrne studies at The Royal University College of Fine Arts in Stockholm. She works across a broad range of media,including drawing, video, sound, textiles and performance. She has exhibited in Denmark, Germany and Finland.


Danilo Stankovic (b. 1981)
Within Stankovic’s artistic practice, the earthly and the spiritual meet in his representation of nature. The work depicts ancient landscapes, folk memory and traditions. However, in his pictures there can even be said to exist an undefined darkness, which provokes a feeling of  uncertainty for that which is actually being portrayed. Stankovic studies at Malmö Academy of Art. He has shown in Sweden,Denmark, Germany, the USA and elsewhere. He is also one of the diving forces behind Klubb Kristallen, a club which embraces art, music, research, politics and other areas, and which won the Nöjesguiden award for the best club in Malmö in 2010.